Move the GST HST number on your QuickBooks Online invoice

Is your GST HST number showing up on your invoice when you don’t want it to?  Mine was on the top centre, and looked terrible!  I went crazy trying to fix it – now I know how, and here is a video to help you out too!

I hope that worked out for you – as always, any questions – let me know!


Hi! Kerry here. My Cloud Bookkeeping. I don’t know if this has happened to you or not. If you’re watching this video chances are it has, but I had my perfect invoice template, quite happy with it, everything looks good but whenever I went to print it or send it out, it had my GST number right up in the top center where I did not want it. I spent ages trying to get rid of it. And finally I found out how to do it. So today I’m going to show you how, and hopefully you’ll be as excited as I am.

Here we are in my file so I can show you the problem that I was having that was yeah as I mentioned, it was just driving me crazy. So pop in here and I’ll show you my template and we’ll edit current style so that you can see what my invoice looks like. It’s quite fine. Yeah nothing too exciting there so I decided that this is the format that I would like to use for my client invoice. So I’m going to make an invoice here. Enter a service.

And then when I want to print or preview. What pops up here is the format I had but in addition I have this GST number right here and I could never work out how to get rid of this and I wasted way too much time. So  I was absolutely delighted when I found out how to do it and now I’m going to show you.

So now, I’m in the sample company because I don’t go messing around with tax things in a live file. Pop to taxes on the left hand side here and then up the top right this manage sales tax. Hidden away next to add rate is a little drop down for edit the agency settings and here we have the optional place to put in a GST or HST number. If you delete this from here and save when you come now, it will display your invoice, that GST number will not appear and I suggest that you add that into one of the other fields on your invoice.

You can have a look at my other videos for customizing your invoices and you’ll see some of the places that you can use to enter a GST number so that you or a HST number so that you can meet that requirement.

So now you can take that number off. Your invoices look great again. If this video was helpful please do click like below, subscribe to my channel. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter, lots of little tips and things like this will come out on a monthly basis and I might not necessarily make a video on them. If there’s anything else that you’d like to know about, please do send me a message, write in the comments below and my next video could be for you. Cheers.


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