New format reports page in QuickBooks Online

The reports page in QuickBooks Online has been redesigned.

This week’s video walks through the new format and shows you how to find, customize, save, and “favourite” your reports:

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Hi, Kerry here from MyQuickBookKeeping. You might have noticed that the Reports page in QuickBooks online has recently changed. So we’re going to walk through it today so you’ll be able to find out where your reports are, how you can save them, customize them, and hopefully be able to find everything that you need. Let’s go to the Reports tab here in the sample company and see where everything is.

So, this first tab now includes all of the reports on one page. It’s a lot easier to navigate than the tabs in the previous version. Once you get used to it, it is anyway. So let’s scroll down. These first reports provide an overview of the business as a whole. If you’d like to understand them in more detail, I do have a video on both the balance sheet and the profit and loss. You can watch those. Now, the Who Owes You section is otherwise known as Accounts Receivable and this relates to sales and your customers which is also in the section below. The What You Owe section for US clients, the 1099, which you may need for your contractors, and of course, mostly, it’s your Accounts Payable and vendors.

Expenses and vendors make up the next section. Now, if you are in the Canadian version, you don’t see the 1099 reports and it refers to the organizations you owe as suppliers, not vendors. It’s the same thing. Sales Tax Reports are next. And here, Canadian sales tax page, mostly GST and HST. I find it so much easier with everything on one page.

Now, if you’re using Payroll, you’ll come down and you’ll find the Employees section is next. Or by the reports, you’re less likely to use regularly, and your accountant will likely want if they’re doing a monthly review or for your year-end.

Let’s scroll back up to the Expenses and Vendors section. Let’s say you often need, the Open Purchase Order List. Let’s open this up. There’s one outstanding at the moment. So let’s flag this report as a favorite. It’s a little annoying you have to scroll back down to it but we do, so I’ll open here just on the list. We’re going to make this a favorite. So you check this here. In the Customers section, scrap this summary of Sales by Product. Here it is, here. That’s double click in there. There we go.

So, now, if we scroll back up here, we can see that these two reports are now included in our Favourites list. So if there’s anything that you use regularly, you can just click the star next to it and pop it up to here. The other thing you can do is, of course, collapse these areas. So if you don’t use these very often but you want to scroll down and be able to quickly get to, perhaps, these two sections, that will make it a little easier to navigate too.

Now, how about those reports we customized? Let’s go down to our Sales by Customer. Oh yeah, close this one. See if we’re going to be able to see which customers we’ve worked with the most this year. So, open up Sales by Customer summary. Let’s change that to this year, this year-to-date. Run the report. Let’s sort this from the highest to the lowest. Here we go. You can see Cool Cars is the customer we’ve had the most business with this year. Now, we’re going to go up and we’re going to save this customization. We can just call it “Sales by Customer Summary” and let’s change it to this year. Sales by Customer Summary This Year. We save that.

Now, if we go back to our Reports Tab, and have a look in at Custom Reports, we now have our report exactly right here created by Craig Carlson. I guess, he is the fictional employee of Craig’s Design. There we are. So, it’s out in Sales by Customer Summary this year. Date range is this year-to-date. If we open it up, got to look those settings that we saved.
Hopefully, that will help you to navigate the Reports page. As always, if you have any questions, make a note below, book a consultation, reach out.
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