Using Purchase Orders in QuickBooks Online

It is now possible to partially receive against a purchase order in QuickBooks Online.

In this week’s video I walk through the steps to create a purchase order, partially receive against it, run reports to show what is outstanding, and subsequently receive the final items, and automatically populate the bill.

This recent update to QuickBooks Online to allow for partial receipt of items allows so much more flexibility, and improves the process to make management of your shipments and inventory so much easier.


Hi, Kerry here from my Quick Book Keeping. The wonderful people at Quick Books have been listening to us, you can now partially receive against a purchase order. When would you want to do this is?  Where you’ve completed a purchase order, sent it to your supplier, and they’ve sent you only part of what’s included in that purchase order. So, now what we can do is receive only what’s been received and have that purchase order sitting there waiting. You can run a report to see what’s outstanding. So, we’re going to walk through that new feature today.

Here we are in the US sample company and we’ll go ahead and create a purchase order. We select a vendor, now we’ll select what products we’re going to order on this purchase order from this supplier. It says here rock fountains, um, how about we get twenty rock fountains and then let’s order some sprinkler heads. Here we go, we’ll get two hundred of those. So, here we have our purchase order from two thousand six hundred and fifty dollars I’m going to send it to Tonya. We have an email address here, see what happens in the sample company when you click send and send. Here it is, so we send off our purchase order. So, time will go by and then we will receive some of these products from Tonya.

Now, for the purposes of the exercise, we’re going to say we haven’t got all of them. So, we’ve received the bill along with the items that were shipped. So,  go to enter a bill, Tonya. And here, we have the option to add the purchase order. So, I’m going to add it and then I’m going to adjust the quantity. I’m going to say that she sent us fifteen of these fountains, and only one hundred of the sprinkler heads. So, we have our bill, which is for nineteen-fifty, we’re going to save that and let’s save and close.

So, now we’ll go and have a look at the purchase order report. Let’s refresh it so we can see that in addition to the rock fountains, we’re waiting for from Tim Philip, we’re also waiting for the final five from Tonya and one hundred of the sprinkler heads. If we have a look at the order report that would give you a nice summary. Now, when we have a look at this open purchase order list by vendor, we can see that the amount of the purchase order was twenty-six fifty, there’s an open balance of seven hundred.

Now, if we open this up when we do receive the balance of products, we can copy to the bill, it says twenty-six fifty, which is the total amount but we copy to the bill and look what happens. The bill is created for those final items and then we can save and close that. We’ve now received everything against the purchase order, but we’ve done it in two separate shipments.

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